The Writer's Fake Girlfriend

The Writer's Fake Girlfriend

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Sunny Ridge 4. A romantic comedy set in Sunny Ridge, Ontario.

Pierre Studman is back in town after a five year absence, sporting his new lumbersexual look. When he reveals he's a bestselling romance novelist under the pseudonym Amy St. Clair, his father is even more disappointed in him. But his mother is thrilled, as are the other women in town. They ask him to sign their books, join their book clubs, and act out the erotic closet scene from his second novel. 

Pierre wants to put a stop to all this unwanted attention, as well as prevent his mother from playing matchmaker.  And for a romance writer, there's only one solution for such problems: a fake girlfriend.

Dawn Lovell moved to Sunny Ridge to get away from her annoying family. Unfortunately, the town is as dull as dishwater. Pierre's arrival is definitely the most thing that's happened in ages. When he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend, she agrees, even though she doesn't exactly approve of his career. Aren't those books just trash?

But perhaps Pierre can change her mind about romance novels...and perhaps she can change his mind about love. Because even though Pierre writes about love, he hasn't believed it could happen to him since his ex-girlfriend dumped him for a tractor-collecting weirdo. 

Warning: May contain Grand Romantic Gestures.

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flying-patatos flying-patatos May 30, 2017
Lmao wtf, I would be so weirded and grossed out if my mom said that about a book I wrote
HEY! Don't be rude to oreos... *says in an Ashton Irwin voice*
pikachi02 pikachi02 Jul 06, 2016
My favorite lines in your book. It got me choked & burst in laughter, getting weird eyes from my surrounding. Thank you for the series 😊
apisgirl apisgirl Dec 22, 2016
Goggling people just doesn't have the same ring to it does it?
Blistz Blistz Jan 01, 2017
They are always so dramatic 😂 there must be no boring days at their kids
thunderingtyphoons thunderingtyphoons Oct 15, 2016
I loved the story's description... Just enough shared to entice the readers!!