Sweet Lauren

Sweet Lauren

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sxckerjauregui By sxckerjauregui Updated Nov 02

Lauren Jauregui. Has the best friends ever, good grades, loves her family to death, and is currently dating the captain of the school's football team.
Everything's perfect, everything's good. But except that Lauren doesn't want the good, she wants the bad. She's fine with being her daddy's little girl and having a good looking boyfriend, with perfect grades and perfect teeth. But what Lauren really wants and needs, is her.

Y/N Y/L/N. The bad side. The complete opposite of Lauren. She hangs out with the wrong people, fails mostly all of her classes, has a broken family, never had settled down and let's not forget all the smoking she does. She thinks all the good things in her life are gone, but she still keeps a little bit of hope inside of her, praying that one day she will finally be happy.
Well, that happened faster than she thought it would.

Cover made by SLOTHTATO


stupidity11 stupidity11 Oct 04
You got a bf tho... 
                              BUT I AINT COMPLAINING, don't mind if I do .
cake1000mo cake1000mo Nov 15
Like sometimes my eyes lose focus and I have my head in the clouds then someone will just yell at my or alp me saying I'm staring at there boobs or ass I'm not perverted and I'm a girl I swear my eyes have a mind of there own and their the perverted ones... Help 😰
I wouldn't like that answer, honestly.
                              I would be like: "Excuse me? I'm more then the "trouble girl", don't date me because I'm what your parents don't want for you! Date me because you like me as a person!"
I like how this story started but can you update soon bc once i start to read i need to finish lol but its so far so good
I'm like yeah she's fine
                              Wonder when she'll be mine
                              Walk past I press rewind
                              To see that aśs one more time
have a lot to read and write but why not start a new fic RIGHT????