A little too fast| Peter maximoff/ quicksilver X (fem)reader [EDITED]

A little too fast| Peter maximoff/ quicksilver X (fem)reader [EDITED]

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Y/n l/n is a girl with a bit too many mutations. One of which is the ability to copy or mimic another's mutations. Her other mutations would be Telekinesis, (with mana, mana is something like magic powder)telepathy, speed, reviving the happiest memories in the darkest moments, teleportation and seeing the future. (She may be overpowered but it's kinda part of the story)

Her parents and other family members have passed due to saving her life, so that she may live a long happy life. One day three men knock on her neighbors/ best friends house or Peter maximoff. She uses her telepathy to see what's going on and soon finds that they need a mutant with speed and teleportation. After all that happened she has to choose between two things, she can...

Hey! first published book hope you like it! So...you must read to find what your choices are, again thanks for reading and hope you like it.
-totorogirl360 out!/ lemon hehe not that kind of fanfic, the fruit! (I give credits to my friend @DigitalSobs who made the cover)
(Being Edited cause I sucked before >wo)

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- - Aug 27, 2016
The one thing momo ahs ever done to quicksilver:steal his first kiss😎
GeeklyGhostGay GeeklyGhostGay Nov 28, 2016
I was laughing so hard during the Peter scene I actually died
totorogirl360 totorogirl360 Nov 02, 2016
Ahaha! @ChubbyYeli nice one!! I didn't really think that through..... Dang it!
IzhyogurlCaley IzhyogurlCaley Sep 09, 2016
                              SHOW IT TO ME IN SCHOOL