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Being Different

Being Different

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Claudia Wallace By ClaudiaWallace2 Completed

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All werewolves are the, powerful, strong, brave and can shift into a wolf. Me...I got dubbed a bad hand I was a weird werewolf human crossbreed. Which meant that I didn't have a wolf, I had the heightened hearing, strength, speed, smell even sight when I wanted too. But my wolf was silent and I couldn't shift. Thing was since I am a mutated mixture of werewolf and human I got a half human and half werewolf instead of getting one of the two species...So I'm officially a she-wolfman as I like to call it. I was given fluffy grey ears like a wolf on top my head and a long bushy tail that reaches my ankles.

I never had a good life to begin with I had the cliche as fuck abused story by my pack since I was a mixture of the two they saw me as me as a mutated bitch so I was a maid all my life my beta parents dumping me to the Omegas they never had another child instead adopted a powerful set of twin werewolves who supposedly 'keep me in line'. I was told to hide if someone new came and if a pack was even a centimetre close to crossing our territory I was put in the cells to make sure I didn't screw up the packs name having a weird cross breed like me in there pack even if I was only an omega maid.


"We've gotta get something on that wound, let me help you. I'm from the Blood Moon pack, just drop the knife and let me help you." His voice was sincere as if he truly cared. I know that isn't true my whole entire life I've been taught that no one is as they seem and that no one cares for a creature like me.

I shook my head side to side to show him I wasn't going and I plastered a crazed smirk on my face as I ran forward with the knife at wolf speed.

This must be a sight a girl in only a nightgown blood dripping down her leg as she attempted to kill herself but now is trying to kill an innocent man.

Life's a bitch isn't it?


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sappphhira sappphhira Nov 10, 2016
Hehehe I'm laughing like a maniac glad that I found a good story 2 read.
ClaudiaWallace2 ClaudiaWallace2 Jul 03, 2016
Since it is only her tail I don't think she would technically die I think it would just hurt like a bitch