Red Eyes (Naruto FanFic)

Red Eyes (Naruto FanFic)

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MidnightPilots By MidnightPilots Updated Dec 28, 2016

[Book Two]

"I might have lost everything. My home, my strength, my pride and dignity, and even my own life. But I swear, I will never lose sight of who I am."

Akai. A name that would brought tears to anyone who knows her. Her death, caused by an unknown sickness, makes everyone felt sorry for being unable to save her.

Such pity, she was really an exceptional shinobi.

Or, maybe she still is?

After the two years without her existence, what would happen if her teammates came to meet her, as enemies? Would she kill them instead?

Because, really, do monsters have mercy?

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DISCLAIMER: We do not own Naruto. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.


LyraAmaterasu LyraAmaterasu Jun 19, 2016
Author-san, I'm just gonna put this bluntly.
                              ~|○益○μ  And bless your soul to the Heavens.
shadowfire14 shadowfire14 Jun 15, 2016
Plz update oml this is so gooooood! But what happened to her tic? IT WAS SO CUTE
Rain_Beau Rain_Beau Jun 21, 2016
Dangit. You're an amazing writer who makes me feel the feels with each passing word TwT *slow clap*
Rain_Beau Rain_Beau Jun 21, 2016
Of course. Thats what she is shocked about XD Not the fact that Sasuke is just casually saying that he'll murder a sanin. Nuuuupe. She is shocked by how much he talks XDDDD BEAUTIFUL 👌👍
MerpderplerpDrowned MerpderplerpDrowned Jun 16, 2016
AMAZING COVER, AMAZING CHAPTER, AMAZING EVERYTHING! I'm pumped for this story! Keep up the good work :3
SimplyAMonster SimplyAMonster Jun 19, 2016
Wait, you can't be one of the Seven Swordsmen if the Mist if ur from Konoha, unless she ran away