The Night Sky

The Night Sky

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Gabriel Penemue By GPenemue Completed

All his life Kurt Wagner has been judged, shunned, and discriminated against because of the way he looks.  
But when he meets a girl with eyes that can see much further than his outward appearance, will he finally find someone who can accept him for all that he truly is?    

Ownership: I don't own most of the characters got to give credit to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for them but I do own Evelyn Hunt. 

Triggers: A horrifically small knowledge of Nightcrawler and the Xmen in relation to the comics may make readers cringe. Apart from that all should be fine :)

(The cover is only edited by me, I do not own the original photo.)

Not all the characters are the age they are in Apocalypse, so listed below is wether they are presented in their younger or older form.
Nightcrawler - younger
Quicksilver - younger (only age)
Beast - Younger
Xavier - Older
Storm - Older
Wolverine - Older (only age)
Cyclops - Younger
Jean - Younger
Jubilee - Younger

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