Beyond [ ON HOLD ]

Beyond [ ON HOLD ]

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dreamscape By DR_EaM Updated Dec 19, 2016

˹various! naruto x reader˼

beautiful cover ; @timid-zero 

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The Kurino Clan have always been an energetic, mischievous bunch. They wreak havoc in their prime age of adolescence, their spark only dulling when reaching full maturity; and (F/N) is no exception. 

She lives in Konoha under the Third Hokage's wing, her past so unrecognisable it's almost become nonexistent in her memory. Even Hiruzen doesn't know the full truth, but he does know of the power that she holds. Whether there are more who are apart of her clan is unknown, but one thing is for sure; 

She's destined for greatness, and although oblivious to it, won't have trouble stringing along her comrades as she rides on the wave of fate. 

/ / / 

"World peace? Well, I believe to achieve this we need to understand and respect each other's opinions, that way we can all come to an agreement!" 

"To become a kunoichi legend that spreads on for generations, that's my dream!"  

"I'll stop at nothing to protect my comrades. Until my last breath, I swear it."

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