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Marinette's Lovely Pranks

Marinette's Lovely Pranks

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Blue By bluedrop77 Completed

Prankster Marinette AU
Marinette is the class clown, the resident prankster. No one is ever safe from her ever-lovely jokes. A new guy comes to school, and he's the perfect target! She and her partner in crime, Alya, set out to prank his socks off. But what they don't know is that he decides to rid the school of their so called "tyranny", pulling Nino in with him. They start to clash, and what happens when one side falls for the other?

Credit goes to @NotSoEvilMastermind for the prankster!Marinette idea

Ugh, u sound like one of those prissy and annoying as fûq teachers
To stuff their faces with croissants to celebrate their victory
Avathenoob Avathenoob Apr 29
                              A=NINO FLIRT WITH AYLA 
                              N=K WHAT ARE YOU DOING 
                              A=FLIRTING WITH MARI GOT IT
                              5 year later 
                              A&M= THAT'S HOW IT STARTED (KISS EACH OTHER)
NightmarreMiraculous NightmarreMiraculous Oct 16, 2016
Best teacher and may I translate? I speak code teacher.
                              Alright that's enough, for now.
                              Welcome to hell.
                              You need to clean your self up.
NightmarreMiraculous NightmarreMiraculous Oct 16, 2016
For one 
                              It is fun
                              For two 
                              They know what to do 
                              They're trouble 
                              Don't worry 
                              It'll only make you red
                              From your chin to the top of your head
NightmarreMiraculous NightmarreMiraculous Oct 16, 2016
I love you Nino (not in that way)
                              The initiation process is complete we are proud and Adrien should be scared