The Black Blood Forest

The Black Blood Forest

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Lunna MoonLiT By lunnamoonlit Updated May 21, 2017

A story of a young 24 years old girl named Oddte and her 26 year old boyfriend George who were making out in the districted forest,

they ran away from home dew to an uptown girl falling in love with a downtown boy and their parents didn't accept it and they were forced to make a decision for the benefit of their true love

little that they know in this forest they're lived seven deathy evil different type of monsters,

so each of the hot guy shifts to one monster and each of them are different race and from different country such as

snakeman , from China

weretiger from India

werelion, from Canada

werewolf which is also known to be the alpha and the leader, from United States of America, but African American 

Demon, From Croatia 

Warlock from England

and Vampire, from Romania 

but there all are simpy pure evil especially the tiger which is the most evilest of them all,

and once they found this human girl and her lover they will kill her lover in front of her and drag this girl to be their sex slave..

The story involves how she struggles and how they rape, torture and do the worse things on her,

she try's to escape once but after the punishment they gave her she completely breaks and follow their rules until.. one day

it is my version of snow white and Helen of Troy remix.and a little of Alice in the wonderland . going to write my first Sort of Bdsm horror stle of story

I looked them all in goole. They're all OMG so sexxxyyy and HOT 🔥🔥🔥
Ella_Dia Ella_Dia Aug 06, 2016
I see my country and I get all excited, then I see "Vampire"... oohh, you stereotypes, i swear we're not all vampires!.... well, not ALL of us 😏😏
SweetK1321 SweetK1321 Jan 31, 2015
*stashes the 'ew' in her bag of letters and replaces them with a single 'o'
ReadaholicsAnonymous ReadaholicsAnonymous Aug 23, 2013
It is eight people now. Come on that has to be close enough.* insert pouty face with cute puppy dog eyes*
ReadaholicsAnonymous ReadaholicsAnonymous Aug 23, 2013
Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top. Write this story it sounds SOOOOO interesting.
BeachBabe1 BeachBabe1 Aug 08, 2013
@lunnamoonlit can i just post a lot of comments till you get to 20?