Finding the Beauty Underneath

Finding the Beauty Underneath

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Emilie Castille has always been intrigued by stories of the infamous Opera Ghost. 
When her father tells her that auditions are going to be held at the Opera Populaire for singers, dancers, and musicians, Emilie wonders why only men can be musicians in the orchestra. When she decides to audition anyway as a violinist to prove a point, she becomes entangled with the Opera Ghost himself.
As it turns out, Monsieur Opera Ghost is nothing like she had thought. When she joins him in his home, everything she knows about the world gets turned upside down.
Emilie must face that the world is full of selfish people--including her own father. Will Emilie succumb to the Opera Ghost's thoughts about the cruel world, or will she be able to reach past it and manage to find the beauty underneath in him?

Note: Obviously, I do not own any of the characters or songs to "The Phantom of the Opera". I do own the characters I created in this story, the plot, the cover I created, and any pictures I post with this story.

This story starts when Messieurs Andre and Firmin have just taken over the Opera Populaire, however, there are some differences between the original "The Phantom of the Opera" story and mine.

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Hawkfrostlover13 Hawkfrostlover13 Oct 16, 2017
Then how do you explain female singers and dancers in THIS universe huh?
HeatherMassey4 HeatherMassey4 Aug 06, 2017
As some one who uses a violin you really don't have to tune it very often unless it is never used. I'm not very far in but since she is saying she isn't as good as her father the violin should already be in tune.
Crazywolfgurl Crazywolfgurl Sep 06, 2017
I absolutely adore this story. It's very well written and I find the plot so far to be quiet intriguing, I look forward to continuing.
Can I hit him? Please?! Just a "light" the face... with a chair.
PandasDomain PandasDomain Feb 05, 2017
Dude! I read only like one chapter and I'm already getting butterflies!!!
valvelocitytrash valvelocitytrash Feb 19, 2017
I've been playing violin for 8 years and playing in youth orchestras for 4 years and I'm a female so I was laughing so hard at the dad.