Growing Up As A Ro'Maeve (PDH boys X reader) {completed} (under editing)

Growing Up As A Ro'Maeve (PDH boys X reader) {completed} (under editing)

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Alexis Ro'Maeve By AGKraftyGamer2257 Completed

Cover by: @ameliacampbell100

You have grown up in a family and your the youngest. You have three older brothers who protect you with their lives. You've been with your best friend Aphmau since you were 3. You both share a love of soccer along with you brother Vylad who is your next best friend. But will you survive highschool with every boy you meet falling for you?

Started: June 5
Finished: August 6

GraceClift GraceClift Nov 19
But what if I don't look like Garroth and Vylad? What if I looked like the dying pig Zane?
The picture at the top look like me I have brown hair and blue eyes 😅
SAVAAGGGEEE!!!!!! And aaawwww!!!!!!!!! Y/N called Laurance 'cute boy!' 😍😍😍😍 I am in love! XD X3 XP XE
I'm literally just a short female Garroth with a little bit of Zane
Um how do i look like any of the ro'mave brothers (look at my book 'My Sad Life to understand)
I'm reading this book again cause i love it 💙💚💛💜❤