What a babe||Ryden

What a babe||Ryden

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✔️Brendon Urie is a punk. Tattoos and piercing and how could I forget the leather jacket? 

Ryan Ross like girly clothes. He was considered soft grunge around the style blogs but in the hallways he was a tease. Especially to Brendon Urie

(Cover art by Golden-Days)

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If I was in that picture I wouldn't stop smiling. Even when I want to I will not.
Me: So, Brendon was wearing a costume that's literally Emo if it was a human being. *comments while wearing TØP hat and MCR shirt*
Ryans Dad: Don't be a hoe
                              Ryan: *leaves with no fuckin response*
fourthdenial fourthdenial 2 days ago
Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my slut shamming friends
                              Im uncomfortable
                              I'M NOT HANDLING THE HIATUS VERY WELL BTW