Mommy and Her Princess

Mommy and Her Princess

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kehlani-spiritanimal By kehlani-spiritanimal Updated Dec 15, 2016

Anastasia is 18 years old and has what some may call a disgusting kink. She is into mdlg also known as Mommy Domme Little Girl. Ana, as she likes to be called lives in a ddlg mdlg etc house that auctions off littles. She has been there since she got kicked out of her house when she was sixteen. She wants to be adopted by someone who genuinely cares about her, but what she doesn't know is that she is about to get adopted by the wealthiest woman in the whole mdlg community.

Meet Nastashia Bailey. She is the creator of  Littles Life hotel, a hotel for littles and caregivers. Nastashia is a mommy Domme who doesn't have a little. I know what you're thinking, how does someone like her not have anyone. Nastashia has the money, the looks, the brains, the everything. She just needs someone to call her's forever. She decides to go to the littles auction , not knowing that she will meet her forever. 

Stay tuned to find out more.

Clexajohnlock Clexajohnlock Nov 06, 2016
That person is lovely. Same hair color as me actually except I'm not as nice looking.
ouat_lana_hope ouat_lana_hope Dec 14, 2016
mines ten days and i get three days of cramps before and two days of cramps after even when im on the pill i still get cramps t some degree wtf shes so lucky she doesnt even know it
JuicyFruitGum JuicyFruitGum Nov 13, 2016
Mines last like 2 weeks, it's so bad that I have to skip school!!
beanies-n-snapbacks beanies-n-snapbacks Nov 25, 2016
Technically my first kiss with tongue was playing this game with another girl let's just say she won that round but so did I 😏
Kortney21 Kortney21 Nov 05, 2016
This is amazing. I love it I really hope u keep writing. Love all of it especially the nursing parts.
Niyahthenerd Niyahthenerd Oct 01, 2016
I post a picture of a just born tiger and only got 2 likes. WTF