Some Things ❀ G.D

Some Things ❀ G.D

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❁ By dolanxlyfe Updated Jan 05, 2017

[sequel to 'Moving On' - Third and Final Book in 'Babysitter' Trilogy]


Kylie thought things were going great. That's until she spotted a familiar someone and soon turns her back to two in her life. She thought they had left but here they are. Out in the city. As if they hadn't left at all.

Kylie spends a lot of her time crying and soon gets the conclusion.

But this secret was a lot worse.

She finds herself in heartbreak but- some things just don't change.

Love is one of them.

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This chapter is actually really magical especially with the song playing i love it
My Valedictorian was a girl who got straight A’s and a popular girl but last year she got wasted in school and they were supposed to take it away from her and suspend her but they let her come back and have everything back smh I hate popular kids
kamamaslilg kamamaslilg Mar 12
Sorry i was texting on the wrong thing im half asleep rn im so sorry
boisterously- boisterously- Aug 28, 2017
Lookin' forward from center stage, to graduation day, time to get the future started
jthomas2020 jthomas2020 Jan 02
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I wish that was me btw I have Ethan’s phone number he said not to expose it , his mom (Lisa) gave it to me when we went to the salon!
FunnyBizz FunnyBizz May 09
Can I just say, this whole fanfic sounds like the song Infinity by Jaymes Young