SonAdow - Romance in Highschool?

SonAdow - Romance in Highschool?

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ShadowAceSonic By ShadowAceSonic Updated May 09, 2017

Sonic is an energetic, fast-living transfer to GreenWood Highschool, excited to make friends and settle in with his adoptive family. Shadow is a reserved, arrogant boy who's been at GreenWood for two years, and has yet to make a single friend in highschool.

Unbeknownst to his classmates, Shadow is trying desperately to stay within the laws and rules thrust upon him; dire consequences await him if he doesn't. As time goes on, Sonic discovers an attraction to the mysterious Shadow hidden deep within himself, and is desperate to find out if Shadow would be willing to start a relationship. Shadow has always kept to himself, and many people fear his rumored powers; coupled with his infamous temper, Shadow is considered very dangerous. This doesn't stop Sonic, however, and he forges on in his quest to discover Shadow's romantic preferences. 

When he finally manages to confess his feelings to Shadow, he feels like he might actually have a chance with the ebony hottie. Shadow trusts Sonic and wants to tell him things that no one outside G.U.N. knows. Then, something happens to Shadow that puts much more than Sonic's relationship at risk. Can Sonic save his crush, or will Shadow (living under the care of the Commander) be taken away from GreenWood forever? Find out in this SonAdow highschool story. Oh, and fluff only. The sequel will have the lemons. (I don't own any characters in this except for some minor background ones. Every main character belongs to Sega! Cover is mine.)

This story IS getting updated more recently than a year ago. Due to reformatting the existing chapters, Wattpad doesn't realize that the most recent update was April 2nd, 2018. So, this isn't discontinued!

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hyperfujis hyperfujis Dec 25, 2016
Oh no, Sonic has to take Algebra II? He doesn't deserve this torture!
SadnessInEveryBite SadnessInEveryBite Dec 17, 2016
Excited for the first day of middle school?! *eyes widen*
                              God I hate middle school *sighs* @TheSecretsIKeep__ knows my pain ;v;
hyperfujis hyperfujis Dec 25, 2016
If the principal is Mr. Link, shouldn't he be saying "Hyaah!" instead? (JK xD)