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Dick Pics (Peterick) **REWRITTEN**

Dick Pics (Peterick) **REWRITTEN**

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a$ap bay By thankspatrick Updated 9 hours ago

In which a boy sends a dick pic to someone that is not his girlfriend.

started on 5th June, 2016.

cover creds @glowingtyler

MuffinSnuggles MuffinSnuggles Oct 31, 2016
WooooOoooO, I hate f uck. Or mate just a love hate relationship thingy. 
                              Moikey Likey
sleepytyler sleepytyler Oct 27, 2016
honestly i was not expecting this to be as good as it is, im hella excited already!! (please take what i said as a compliment, i have a terrible way about coming across the wrong way)
samisuninteresting samisuninteresting Aug 21, 2016
Aye same Pete I'm a pitcher for my softball team and my catcher is an asshat as well... But my catcher isn't cute.
fucklynngunn fucklynngunn Aug 11, 2016
My team's pitcher and catcher are twins so the batters get confused when they look and sound and act the exact same
Elliott_damn_Rhian Elliott_damn_Rhian Nov 15, 2016
Oh mah gerd, mocha frappés are all I drink when we go to Starbucks!
Dallonmonths Dallonmonths Aug 04, 2016
I'm my teams pitcher and. My catcher and I work really well together and make our team laugh.