Nightmares - Naruto Fanfiction

Nightmares - Naruto Fanfiction

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Oblivion is Calling By desolatetravler Completed

Naruto was a cheerful boy until the unimaginable became reality. All it took was one look for Naruto's world to come crashing down. Find out if the boy that was barely held together with a smile and a cheery facade can be put back together by the most unlikely people.  Description by little_mosher_666. 

(I've asked my readers to describe my story for me, and here's what they're come up with)

You know that hyperactive knucklehead kid known as Naruto Uzumaki? It was almost uncomprehendable to imagine things being any other way. But ever since Itachi's little run in with him, the young shinobi hasn't been the same. His goofy, silly grin permanently wiped from his face and replaced with fear and anxiety. Go ahead and read Naruto's story, but prepare yourself. Times ahead are sure to bring you both fluff and feels. Story description by BittyBean.

What happens to our always cheerfull knuckleheadninja when Jiaiya didn't came in time to protect him. Will his friends be able to put his world back together or will it be crushed irreparable? Story description by OctupusPlschtier.

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