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Jems By brilliant_rose16 Updated Aug 06, 2013

Here na po.. \\(^______^)//




A girl starts from being a simple one turns to a CASANOVA PRINCESS.....???

            He hates me 'coz I'm not his type...

            A modest one...

            But they don't know that I am a spoiled brat too.

            He dumped me??? Well good luck to him 'coz I will make sure that he will fall in love to me and next thing he will notice is my REVENGE!!! Get ready... *smirk*

A boy that being a Casanova   is in their blood... His father is a Casanova who married a lady which is also a Casanova which happens to be her mom... What will you expect from him right??

            Girls are my collections... *smirk*

            I love to see girl's crying because of me... Every dropped of their tears I feel I am superior among them all.

            So get ready CASANOVA PRINCESS 'coz you will fall for me and be one of my collections. *evil smile*

But what if destiny joins t...