The Devils Angel #Wattys2016

The Devils Angel #Wattys2016

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ღ ɴᴀғɪsᴀʜ ღ By lovelyness- Completed

Ajax Knight, a devil, a ruthless business man, handsome in all the departments but his eyes filled with darkness, coldness and anything but love.

He has the woman chasing him, but his heart is guarded with walls of ice, that never seem to come down.

Lacey White, an angel, a compassionate heiress, beautiful and truly angelic, her eyes filled with love, kindness and anything but hate.

She has the men chasing her yet her heart remains untouched, free for anyone to steal, but she has yet to come across the thief to possess it.

Will these 2 people come together. The man with too much hate and too little love and the woman with too much love and too little hate.

After all, she is The Devils Angel.

Xoxo_Elena Xoxo_Elena Jun 13
⊙︿⊙(●__●)(◎_◎;) um. . . I'll be back ( goes and hides in a corner -whisper- please don't fire him)
mcbastard mcbastard Jun 24
Deadpool has ruined this name for me bc I keep thinkin of the dish soap 😂
Xoxo_Elena Xoxo_Elena Jun 13
Well. . . we don't know that foresure (he stands up) I AM THE DEVIL HIMSELF (●__●)
Continue!!!!!! This is so interesting and so good already. Pls continue
Xoxo_Elena Xoxo_Elena Jun 13
I am going to start tearing up I can see this story is going to be emotional (┳Д┳)
Xoxo_Elena Xoxo_Elena Jun 13
She isヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ just like he is t-the d-devil(◎_◎)