The Devils Angel

The Devils Angel

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nafisah By lovelyness- Completed

#231 - Highest Ranking in Romance . 

Ajax Knight, a devil, a ruthless business man, handsome in all the departments but his eyes filled with darkness, coldness and anything but love.

He has the woman chasing him, but his heart is guarded with walls of ice, that never seem to come down.

Lacey White, an angel, a compassionate heiress, beautiful and truly angelic, her eyes filled with love, kindness and anything but hate.

She has the men chasing her yet her heart remains untouched, free for anyone to steal, but she has yet to come across the thief to possess it.

Will these 2 people come together. The man with too much hate and too little love and the woman with too much love and too little hate.

After all, she is The Devils Angel.

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emliarad emliarad Dec 01, 2017
You really should fix her name because you kept writing it wrong each time when description said Lacey.
StarJamm StarJamm Dec 04, 2017
Sooo why is she celebrating Christmas in November with these children
SavannahFields735 SavannahFields735 Dec 17, 2017
Then why are you in a book instead of Sam Winchesters head??
Ok no offence but I think I'll probably like the "Devil" better she's just too good
emliarad emliarad Dec 01, 2017
*Lacey (this confused me, first I started to think that it's her mother or sister)
Regret_in_your_tears Regret_in_your_tears Dec 16, 2017
*sarcastically* Noooooo just leave it in the middle. Someone is bound to see it and finish it for you!