Blessing in a Curse (Neymar Jr. Fanfiction)

Blessing in a Curse (Neymar Jr. Fanfiction)

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Afraa By Afraa_Njr Updated Sep 08, 2017

When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place. 

Eva Mello was heartbroken by an ex-boyfriend. Her broken heart needed numbness after a rough patch and Neymar happened to be there. A party, a wrecked heart and alcohol was all it took to change his and her life.

 Following months of mixed feelings, Eva was clueless on what happened that night. Little did she remember, she carried something big. That's when; a little push led to huge changes.

One party, one guy, one curse. 

What happened that night at the party? And what was the curse that conducted a blessing?

Read to find out how destiny brought their hearts together and what the future had in mind for them.

Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved by Afraa_Njr

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barcasstargirl- barcasstargirl- Jul 23, 2016
I love it!! Neymar must of really screwed up huh? I bet they had a really good relationship too 😪 but we will just have to see I can't wait for the next one!!
njrbabe njrbabe Jul 23, 2016
I like how someone can tell its Neymar just from the red bull😂 he immediately popped up in my head when you mentioned red bull.  I really enjoyed the first chapter, can't wait for the next chapters.❤️
barcasstargirl- barcasstargirl- Jul 27, 2016
I feel bad for Eva😪 can't what to see what Neymar and Eva do next chapter!! Looking forward to the next chapter I love it!!
lovelyciloo lovelyciloo Aug 13, 2016
Before I start to read it 😂😂I think she will turn pregnant 😂 and she won't even know 😂😍❤️ in love with a new story 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️