The nerd is the gangleader

The nerd is the gangleader

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anu_soccer By anu_soccer Updated Apr 08

Rachel Cruz is your total nerd at school. But after school she is a total badass. She is the leader of the most feared gang in america, the red vipers. 

Blake Gerard is a player, who has probably slept with every girl in school. He is the main person that bullies her with his so called girlfriend Brittany Denmark, who is the queen bee and head cheerleader.

Rachel's parents are dead, so she lives with her smaller sister Chrissy. 

What's will happen when she and Blake are partners for a English project. Will Rachel be able to hide her secret?

Read to find out more!

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THE BAD BOY THINKS THE NERDS CUTE (i yell to the whole country)😂
Oh haha mmmmm haha. Weelllll this is awkward
                              I thought u were an attention seeking douche bag who is so sad and needy and desperate that you have to f*** ppl to make urself feel the slightest bit special!.....
Nakedpizza Nakedpizza Jul 12
Ok I won't tell.
                              *HEY EVERYONE! BLAKE LIKE THE NEW NERD GIRL!*
                              Oops I lied
Nope bad boy we wont tell anyone you have a soft spot for the {badass} good girl