One More Chance (OverWatch X Reader)

One More Chance (OverWatch X Reader)

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Felex By Felexine Updated Mar 27, 2017

During the Omnic Crises (Y/N) was 8 years old. When (Y/N)'s city was attacked they became trapped under a toppled building. Injured and scared they cried for their mother that had freed herself. Their mother tried to pull the child out but could not free them. As the Omnic army drew near their mother cried "I am sorry! I am a horrible mother! I am too much of a coward to die with you," and left her child to die. (Y/N) kept asking their mother to try to help because their left leg was hurting horribly along with their right arm. But without another word their mother left them to die.

(Y/N) cried out for their mother to come back but to no avail. Waiting for their end an Omnic by the name of Kyniala found them. Frightened (Y/N) started to cry louder for their mother. The Omnic did not move or make any action to hurt the small human child. He saw that their right arm and left leg could not be moved and came up with an idea.

"Young one, listen to me. Be sighlent," he instructed. (Y/N) stopped crying for her mother and tried to keep their whimpers in. He grabbed their arm and held it steady, "do not move," he said. Then with his laser he cut (Y/N)'s right arm off. The child squealed. Kyniala put his figure on their lip and shushed them. "I'm almost done getting you out, I promise after this I won't let anyone hurt you." (Y/N) looked at him in fear and then nodded. The Omnic then grabbed their leg and cut it off the same way they cut off the child's arm.

With a screech (Y/N) fell into the Omnic's arms. Blood running for their body from the loss of their limbs. (Y/N)'s crying was mumbled by the Kyniala's hand. He stroked the child's hair and whispered," now now, I will fix you later, I promise. For now let us escape this hell." And with that the two fled into the mountains away from the destruction created by the Omnic Crises.

(God that was freaking long!)

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hoehoi hoehoi Jun 06, 2016
Amazing story *^* Just a little thing; why in the story description you put they instead of he/she? It's kinda confusing, I mean, I'm one person, not two XD