Watching Miraculous Ladybug

Watching Miraculous Ladybug

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dont mind me im a cringey person By LegathyRose Updated Aug 06

"I'm sick and tired of the waiting! You guys are going to sit here and watch yourselves. I have taken the liberty of sneaking away Tikki and Plagg, so you can't transform and stop me. Today you're watching Miraculous Ladybug; watch yourselves be akumatized and you finally get to see who Ladybug and Chat Noir really are!" The new akumatized victim said to the class, threw a remote and a note with all the episodes on it, and walked off into the secret room where she can see them but they can't see her.

"we get to see...who our heroes are?!" A majority of the class spoke in unision, excluding Chloe,Sabrina and Adrien and Marinette. 

"Alya, what's the first episode?" Kim questioned out, Alya picked up the note and read out the next episode.

It should be either stormy weather or the bubbler because if you start with any other one the story wouldn't really make sense or go along well
DO DARK CUPID!!!! PLZ!!! Idc if it has the kiss scene, I just haven't seen anyone put that episode first :3
Please do them in order, it will make much more sense, but it's your story and your choice, I just think it would be better if you do them in order
I love how you made the kidnapper an akumatised victim!!! Genius! Simply genius!!
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