A Long Time || Clementine

A Long Time || Clementine

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Killer Queen By 0TheBaeIsHere0 Updated 5 days ago

Everybody's got a weakness. A weakness that slows down time, making pain more insufferable. Every minute turns into hours. Every hour turns into days.

Then there is me. A girl who was strong. A girl who was a fighter, hunter, tracker. I was emotionless. I was steel and I liked being just that.

They said I had no emotion. No weakness only strong points and skill. But the thing is, everyone gets hurt. Everyone bleeds. Steel can melt. Steel can bend with just the right amount of strength.

Who knew that a three year old boy would be my strength? I mean if he does die, I die. They thought I had no weakness. But turns out....

Mines is just afraid of being alone.

[Old Title; My Name Is Clementine]

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I luv this story this is my 4th time rereading it, it never gets old, thank you for making this story!!!!😘😘😘
0TheBaeIsHere0 0TheBaeIsHere0 Jul 02, 2016
Btw I forgot to mention that, after Clem's 2ed group she had 2 more. This takes place when she's 14