"real boy" - lams

"real boy" - lams

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meme machine By jankjankjoji Updated 3 days ago

in which alex is a he. not a she.
its not alexandra. its alexander.
he is not straight for liking a boy. he is gay.
all he wants is acceptance.

( based off a picture by yamhaylet/lizardsinner )

(( triggers!! ⚠⚠⚠; gender dysphoria, homophobic/transphobic slurs, depression, anxiety ))

*at support group* I was bullied for my satchel because everyone had a b-b-backpack *cries*
savizoe savizoe Nov 23, 2016
As a FTM, when my girlfriend used my new name of Zachariah, I started shaking.
hawianpunch hawianpunch Jan 14
We are Hamilton fandom you expect us not to make Hamilton references
luckytobealive luckytobealive Dec 13, 2016
So I just want to say that I know that me as well as many people are really struggling with our gender and sexual identities and when you create something relatable that totally speaks or interest? It's awesome.
the non-binary dragon is pretty cool in fact you should all check out the lgbtq+ pride dragons they're awesome
FruityAlpaca FruityAlpaca Oct 04, 2016
                              WERK WERK 
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                              AND BURR