Let's Be Friends |TaeKook

Let's Be Friends |TaeKook

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priincess_taeguk By priincess_taeguk Updated Dec 25, 2016

Unknown: Thx to u lil fucker I got a fucking boner!! I'm not at home right now!!

Kookie: um...

Kookie: Who r u?

!english doesn't exist in this story!


Start: 09.06.2016
End: 14.08.2016

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Wait what kind of pedo r u takin about??? The one when you take and it smells beautiful?
                              P.s note my sarcasm
Zafakushi Zafakushi Apr 06
Told=> tell ^^ 
                              Since you have already specified past tense in 'didnt' you don't need to do it again.
When I read listen boy I thought "my first love story" too😂😂
yoongi_min_ yoongi_min_ Aug 10
I don't wanna be a grammar freak but... in this case tell would replace told because it's past tense
Yas I taught exactly that
                              Only reason I know that son is bc of EXO/Xiumin
Nutellabutt Nutellabutt May 24
U shied. Hoesuck sent him a dick pic and now tae got a boneeer.