The Neighbor

The Neighbor

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"Come on, you know you want me, Jessica." He says pulling me into his arms. Our bodies are so close that when he breaths, my body is pushed slightly by his chest moving. His arm is around my waist so that I can't move back. I look into his eyes as I feel myself being sucked in. I can't breathe. My body relaxes as I notice him leaning his head down, his eyes never leaving mine. My body is numb as I try to stop this.

"Tyler?" I whisper as his perfect plump pink centimeters away from mine. "Tyl-." My voice is just below a whisper. His lips press into mine. I feel his mouth part slightly. His tongue darts out and slowly whips across my bottom lip as he asks for entrance. My lips part on their own. 

His wet soft tongue swiftly rubs mine as he heats this little make-out session. His hands wander down as he grips in-between my thigh. He lifts me off the ground and lean us against one of the four walls in the living room.  

His body is flatly pressed against me as he grinds his hip into mine. I could feel the tent in his pants as he do so. Tyler grabs both my wrists and pull them over my head. He pushes his hips into mine as he pulls back a little so that his hips are still connected to mine and only his chest is away from mine. 

"I've been waiting forever to do that." Tyler says.

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