That's What You Get

That's What You Get

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Stephanie By 10stephanieg Updated May 26, 2014

Sequel to "You Are The Only Exception".
Michelle has taken upon living by herself, and having her, who she considers now, best friends, Riley, and Miles, there for her almost all the time. She wants to be ready, and wanted to fell what living independently feels like, which she already has for a few weeks now. She wants to be ready for when her baby comes.
But one day.
A walk to the park turned into meeting a gorgeous guy named Luke. Or more like the guy meets her. 
And one picture, was all it took, for a conversation to spark.

I heard the sound of a camera shutter. I snapped my head in the direction it came from, and there standing facing me, not but a few yards away, was a charming guy. "I'm sorry, " he say, as he smiled. A hundred watt smile at that. "I just couldn't help myself." he raised up his camera that hung around his neck. "You both were just too beautiful in the sunlight. I couldn't miss my chance to capture such beauty." And there it was again, that blinding smile.

Will Michelle be captivated by him?
Will she stay true to her feelings for Everett, her first love?

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