In the Dark

In the Dark

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f l o r a By eloquenceandsilence Updated Sep 20, 2016

"So, you're saying that I don't affect you at all?" he asks, his tone disbelieving.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." I tell him, crossing my arms and looking up at him defiantly. "And you need to admit that you just can't come to terms with the fact that I see what you really are: an arrogant pretty-boy with an ego the size of Australia."

He laughs, not seeming perturbed by my comment. "So you think I'm handsome?"

I glare at him. Damn it, I really walked right into that one. I can't lie; he's unfairly attractive, and he knows it - which is one of the reasons I can't stand him.

He steps towards me, closing the distance between us so that we're practically touching. I resist the urge to take a step back, because I don't want to show any sign of weakness. I keep my eyes locked on his, my pulse speeding up at our proximity.

"I really don't affect you at all?" he says, more quietly, his voice slightly husky.

I shake my head slowly, ignoring my racing heartbeat. The fact that we're millimetres apart and yet not touching at all is driving me insane. Part of me wants to put as much distance between us as possible, but I also really want to just grab him and get rid of any space between our bodies.

"I don't believe you." he whispers, and we're so close that his breath caresses my lips. I exhale sharply, unable to stop myself, and something in his expression seems to snap as he pulls me hard against him and presses his lips to mine.


Liv's life is turned upside down when she and her mother move in with Jack, her mom's boyfriend, and Miles, his seventeen year old son. Arrogant, cocky, but devilishly attractive, Liv tries to deal with living with the guy she hates, but is undeniably attracted to.

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KayJayGarcia KayJayGarcia Oct 02, 2016
Oh their house lol😀. Looks like I'm gonna comment on every sentence/paragraph
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OMG wow this was simply amazing you have a such a great writing style. I hope you don't mind but I was wondering if you check out my story it's called Fallen Angel thanks
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*starts singing Blackbear* when I needed you the most…I needed you
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Wow AWSOME first chapter and I love this book already! Keep up the good work!
AdorableBigEyes AdorableBigEyes Jul 10, 2016
Grandma wrinkled ass already pissin me off. Anywaaaay... " blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair." Those words are engraved into my head lol. Beautiful imagery. I like
facebookandchill facebookandchill Jun 05, 2016
ooh love it so far! I can't wait to see what happens next ;) p.s. the scene in the summary is soo hot I can't wait for it!