I fell in love with the Wrong Girl [Yandere X Reader]

I fell in love with the Wrong Girl [Yandere X Reader]

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ko ♪♪ By hopehopehopehopehope Updated Jul 04, 2017

«  She was pretending to be aggressive, but she was the nicest.

He was pretending to have feelings, but he was empty.

She thought she could handle everything - but, in reality, she couldn't handle anything.  

He thought everything belonged to him, and he would do anything to stay in control. »


DISCLAIMER :: Hika Takeo is a character I created, I only used Shiki Natsumezaka's appearance for him. Hika and Shiki are two different people, and this story has nothing to do with Dance With Devils.

I own everything in this story except Ouma Kokichi. He belongs to Spike Chunsoft and Kazutaka Kodaka.

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- - Jun 05, 2017
I'm not even going to say anything about this XDDD if i do then i'll be mean XD
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Mar 26, 2017
Reads lemons, hangs out with friends and fangirls 24/7, AND hits people with books?! Author-Chan, you have my personality dot on 😂😂😂
dark_moon253 dark_moon253 Jul 10, 2017
I can relate to the guy. I feel that way about someone too...
Peasantprincess Peasantprincess Mar 13, 2017
My math book is too thick that even if I dont have anything in my bag except my maths books, it weighs a lot
cats1515 cats1515 Feb 19
Mainly wanting to see how hard I could hit a person with a simple book sond like me ☺☺☺
- - Jun 05, 2017
Also the blushing on the phone, and one hell of a strange person XDD
                              Black butler reference XDD