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I fell in love with the Wrong Girl [Yandere X Reader]

I fell in love with the Wrong Girl [Yandere X Reader]

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(╹◡╹)♡ By hopehopehopehopehope Updated Mar 17

«  She was pretending to be aggressive, but she was the sweetest.

He was pretending to have feelings, but he was empty.

They had an on-again/off-again relationship.

He was a monster, he did terrible things. But she kept forgiving him, because she was already trapped in his poisonous game.

His younger brother has already been trapped in this game, once. 
He tried to warn her, but she never listened. He tried to protect her, but she never wanted to be protected. 

She thought she could handle everything - but, in reality, she couldn't handle anything.  »


DISCLAIMER :: Hika Takeo is a character I created, I only used Shiki Natsumezaka's appearance for him. Hika and Shiki are two different people, and this story has nothing to do with Dance With Devils.

I own everything in this story except Ouma Kokichi. He belongs to Spike Chunsoft and Kazutaka Kodaka.

I'm not even going to say anything about this XDDD if i do then i'll be mean XD
Reads lemons, hangs out with friends and fangirls 24/7, AND hits people with books?! Author-Chan, you have my personality dot on 😂😂😂
Weirdo-san Weirdo-san Mar 13
My math book is too thick that even if I dont have anything in my bag except my maths books, it weighs a lot
Also the blushing on the phone, and one hell of a strange person XDD
                              Black butler reference XDD
KittyGuin KittyGuin May 06
Forget killing with kindness give me a mathbook and ur dead😂
                              2. HELL NO I WONT "SCREAM" YOUR NAME