Lost Connection •Gaurance FF• []COMPLETED[]

Lost Connection •Gaurance FF• []COMPLETED[]

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•Gaurance FF•

**7 Years After MyStreet**

After Laurance, Garroth, Dante and Travis moved from their MyStreet house, Garroth and Laurance lost contact. 7 years had passed before Laurance even slipped into Garroth's mind again. Will Garroth's little crush burst into a flame once again? Or will it disappear into the ashes of lost memory?

Welcome to..

Lost Connection

•Characters Belong To Aphmau•

•Cover Made By @Kawaiibug_ •

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At frist i read that as i wish this world whould end idk y but i did 😂😂😂
BushGurl123 BushGurl123 Nov 10, 2017
Am I the only one that read it as Doctor Ink instead of Drink?
Twxshots Twxshots Jul 09, 2016
I completely forgot, fangirling over your OTP makes you VERY sweaty.... bad thing is I just took a shower... xd
Catattack321 Catattack321 Jan 22, 2017
Am I the only one that's not a Zanvis or Vylante fan? Don't answer that.
JordynWritesStuff JordynWritesStuff Aug 27, 2016
I just thought of Dante X Zane and Travis X Vylad... NOPE!! NOPE NOPE NUPE!! KILL THEM
alexis1reads alexis1reads Aug 03, 2016
I am really tired and should probably go to bed. But when I read this sentence I jumbled up letters and thought that "I honestly kind of miss him" actually said "I honestly mind of kiss him" XD