Hey, Johnny Park! 》Dave Grohl

Hey, Johnny Park! 》Dave Grohl

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"I will write thousands of songs about you and if I ever need you and I can't find you, I will make another song. You deserve to be remembered. I want people to listen to my songs in sixty or seventy years and want them to think: "Oh, what a sweet song, this girl must have been wonderful" and God, she was."

Six year old Dave moves into a house across the street with his mother and sister, which is great for Joan Park, because she finally has a neighbour her age. They grow up together and share many moments of their young lives.
But what will happen when love develops out of a friendship?

Read the story of Joan Park and Dave Grohl, which includes (teenager) love, sex and heartbreaks.


This story contains strong language and sexual content.
I really suck at summarys...
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twhxddleston 2016

I love this introduction! You should check out my Dave Grohl story if you have the time <3
This is so cute so far!!! I wrote a similar one myself (but it's with Kurt)
Oh good Grohl, I love really good written introductions, this cannot get Eddie Vedder than this