Make Me 《vernon.dahyun》

Make Me 《vernon.dahyun》

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tori By toreyhh_ Updated 6 days ago

"I am tired with all this things. I'm tired for waiting you. I am tired to listen, all the lies that you've invented. I am tired be blamed by you, like I am the only one who make mistake and you didn't make any of them. I am tired to recite that 'I love you' words to you even though I know, I will never hear that three words back from your mouth."

My tears finally burst out. I cannot handle it anymore. This is too much. I pulled up my courage to say this to him. I cannot handle it anymore. I am tired of this... unrequited love.

"Chwe Hansol, let's break up."

My bby dubu ish soo pretty and vernoooon omy, i love you boyh