Suicidal Thoughts (Book One)

Suicidal Thoughts (Book One)

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Wendy Marvell @ Fairy Tail By wendymarvelll Updated Feb 11

She was hated.

She was abused.

She was broken and her happiness disappeared.

But she still continued her adventure to find her best friend.

She tried to ignore the thoughts inside her head. 

They tempted her to take her own life, but she wanted to keep going.

Meet Lucy Heartfilia. A 16 year-old teenage girl with a not-so-normal life.
Her own friends were lifeless objects, or her maids that served her throughout the day.

The girl with suicidal thoughts in her mind.


Salmon Pink.

Perfect Life.

Popular, Handsome, Talented but dense.

This was the defenition of Natsu Dragneel.

Fairy Tail high's most popular student.

He couldn't remember a blonde with chocolate-brown eyes.

He couldn't remember her name.

He couldn't recall a single memory with her.

He didn't know that she had suicidal thoughts.

So he bullied her.

His own childhood friend was perishing because of his actions.

But he was so dense to see it.

-starts coughing loudly- I'm sorry...what did u just say to her??
Raven9540 Raven9540 Jan 26
TRIGGERED. What did you say!??!? I know you aren't saying that to Lucy, right?!?! 👿💢💢
Star-chan101 Star-chan101 Oct 17, 2016
Awwwww this going to be so embarrassing for her I would just DIE right then if that happened to me
MGShips MGShips Jan 22
I am lost for words with the ending. I love this book already!
NALU4ever999 NALU4ever999 Nov 27, 2016
*sigh* not again... I can't cry because of this crap (sorry Author-chan) because I've read many stories like this so I'm used to it...
Angelcraft101 Angelcraft101 Jul 09, 2016
Umm. Not to be rude or anything, but an epilogue is at the end of a book. A prologue is the beginning of a book..