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The Alphas Angel Mate

The Alphas Angel Mate

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MariaR15 By MariaR15 Updated Aug 16, 2014

Description:        Let's just get this straight Kristen was not supposed to be born. Her mother the princess of the Angel Kingdom was not allowed to fall in love or especially be mates with a mortal. The Council of Angels didn't know Kristen was born right after they killed her parents for their unforbidden love. And now wanting to kill Kristen of her existence who is a half human/angel with super genes of a royal angel she is powerful. But she has to die. Though surprisingly she escaped only two months old by her bodyguards, Jocelyn and Aaron a.k.a banned angels of heaven and also the bestfriends of her parents. They took her and protected her as their own daughter. Now 18 years has passed and finally demons who now are helping the Council to kill her attacked her house. She escaped but her bodyguards stayed and fought but sadly never came back. But something is going on and Kristen is gonna find out but with help from someone she never knew she could trust.        Thinking all her life she was a alone and having the chance of not having a mate she was definatley suprised that she has found her super sexy god.        And suprised of him being a werewolf......... who especially is an Alpha of a pack.