Jack Cheats, Darkiplier Awakens (Jacksepticeye x Mark/Darkiplier)

Jack Cheats, Darkiplier Awakens (Jacksepticeye x Mark/Darkiplier)

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Darkiplier trash x-x By Markiplier_lover158 Updated Nov 15

"Y-You're focking sick....how can you do this so focking normally...you're inhumane.." Sean gargled at me with his mouth filled with saliva and blood, as a few splattered out his mouth with his complaining. 

Smiling suavely at both himself and I, i gently patted my angelic white rag onto his blood that pooled on the surface of his stomach. 

"its a hobby darling, nothing more, nothing less." I ensured perkily with a smile stretched from ear to ear, slightly pressing down on his torso to let it absorbed as much blood as possible. 


"Vengeance is a dish, best serves cold."

"Once a cheater, always a cheater"

SepDieplier SepDieplier Aug 22
That picture is like:
                              I'm sorry! I'm fresh out of fucks to give!
Amy is mark girl fend just to say idk if you ment to put Jess but just saying
I saw, "mature things of all types" and I immediately clicked on this
I knew you'd come to the dark side and write a Septiplier fanfic one day.. ;) loving it so far!
Since I'm used to mark making weird faces, i immediately imagined his face like you said when decribing his facial expression xD
Can someone please follow me or read my story? I literally have 0 everything and it's making me really sad!