A Dragon's Princess (Book 2) [COMPLETED]

A Dragon's Princess (Book 2) [COMPLETED]

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Rawr XD By SenpaiNewt Completed

Sequel to 'A Dragon's Slave'

It's been seven months since the incident with Natsu. Lucy's forgotten about her past and life continues to move on. Until she is sent a 'come home' letter from a special someone, Natsu Dragneel. Life was hoped to return to the days when the couple loved each other. But will Lucy find love with another? Is Natsu healed from his past? And are the enemies the two once faced still lurking for revenge?

There will be action, romance and mystery! Enjoy!

Narozan101 Narozan101 Mar 12
So apparently all those speeches about 'still loving him even though he hurts her' were fake after all
Magichatz Magichatz Dec 18, 2016
Some where in the world - *Natsu faints* 
                              When he wakes up - What happened? Oh well.... Food!
hearts_and_brains hearts_and_brains Nov 24, 2016
I name this dots 'Best of Best' its their group name includes of Ship,Nalu,Fanfic,Rosa,Romance,Dragon,Otaku
DjSparkle DjSparkle Aug 07, 2016
What about the baby did it die I don't
                              Mind either way kids make the story shorter
shadowishes shadowishes Feb 08
*stares at this darkly* don't tell me it's turning into LoLu!
How could she give up on their love after all that happened? They have been through it a lot.