Bandit's Maid ☆

Bandit's Maid ☆

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17+ mature content

Celiah-a young curvy maid to princess Essa the heir to Erandle . Gets captured along with the princess on their way to To Erandle. This is a story of her life in the hands of the ridiculously handsome bandits and her way out . 

Hearts are broken . Loyalty tested and lives lost . And love is found a midst chaos and painfully good sex .
"..i am a princess ......take me home may  have your way with my  maid ...."Princess Essa said
Celiah felt furious that she was offered like a toy for the mens pleasure..... as if her dignity did not matter ...... nothing was stopping them from having their way but still the princesses words offended her.
she was woken up by the princesses moans and cries ......sound of flesh meeting flesh.

Damien held her hands above her head as they worshipped her breasts........his devilish lips ignited a fire she did not know existed .

Peter thrust in making her cry out as his monstrosity tore through her maiden head . 

with no strength in her wanton state ......her mouth suffered the onslaught again 

her muscles felt jelly like and she was not sure she could handle another round ........she cried out to Peter begging him to stop Damien from ravishing her body ........ as she experience a somewhat painfull orgasm at his hands .....casscading down the high of ectasy with a silent scream .