Our Red String Of Fate

Our Red String Of Fate

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Phil had never been one to dwell on the bigger picture, he was the type content to saturate in the moment. He'd never really understood the way his best friend would get so hung up on finding purpose, not when he'd come to terms with the idea that life was what you made of it so early on.
He considered himself a firm believer in the idea of karma, that putting good out into the world would bring you nothing but the same back. That's why he was always so careful to keep positive, to keep a smile on his face through it all.
That's also why it shattered him so when the world handed him back a nightmare in exchange for his dreams.

You would think, with how long they've known each other, by now Pj would have grown accustomed to loss and the crippling grief that comes along with it. 
He has trouble accepting it, that it's a permanent thing and no amount of reminiscing will give him the opportunity to make new memories again. That's why he reasoned with himself that becoming a medical student was a good idea, that someday he would be there for someone in a way that no one else had been there for him.
He wanted to save people.
And, unbeknownst to Pj, there was someone out there equally as determined to save him.

Felix had always envied the simplicity that came with gaming. The guided path from start to finish, the reassurance along the way that you were doing the right thing, and if all else failed he'd always had manuals to fall back on.
Real life wasn't like that, it wasn't as simple as keeping your team alive until you crossed over into the credits.
Choosing between what he's always known and what his heart tells him to do won't be easy, but thankfully he's not in it alone.

With zombies on their tail and feelings they don't yet want to face ahead of them, this gang of unlikely heroes are about to realize that things aren't always what they seem.

Me: Blood, gore, trash talk eh I'm okay
                              Character death....
                              WELL FAK GET THE TISSUES
I don't even like zombie aus, but this looks to good to pass on reading
Mima_Madden Mima_Madden Jul 25
This title sounds like that line from 2012 lmao I'm pumped for this
Okay, I know two things now - 
                              This is gonna be amazing, based off of the description and that Kali (I think that's her name??) is writing it to
                              The chapters are gonna be g i g a n t i c
sorry this has nothing to do with the book,  I might be the only one but did anyone else click on this book because of stiles and lydia (my profile picture)... Nope? The only one? Thought so😂
I just watched the trailer and I'm seriously pumped and ready to read this!!!! ^^