Under the City Lights (GirlxGirl)

Under the City Lights (GirlxGirl)

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Things can go wrong more easily than they can go right, but sometimes it is in the midst of misfortunes we discover certain realizations, create new relationships, and have appreciation for the little things.

Vina Morgan is a 20 year old girl with an amazing father, a strong sister, supportive best friends, and a bitch of a girlfriend.

One night, things went downhill when she caught her girlfriend cheating, and worse, it was with someone Vina herself never expected to have betrayed her.

Vina then meets another person who became her solace and her light. But whatever this person really was to her was what she was willing to unravel herself.

iShroom iShroom 2 days ago
I hope I wasn't the only one who read this with extreme enthusiasm
A ham and cheese sandwich. ...WITH KETCHUP ON IT! YUCK! Ruined a classic ....smh