Mommy's little Business-Man

Mommy's little Business-Man

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EarplugsareLife By EarplugsareLife Updated Oct 18, 2017

In a world were people are classified into a BDSM category of Parent-dom and Little, regular Dom and Sub, Owner and Pet, Master and Slave or finally, a Vanilla, when they turn eighteen, there's Lydia Carson.

She's a twenty-three year old mommy dom on a mission. She works as a business manager for the wealthy and the famous, and she's happy doing so.

In her free time, she spends her days searching for her perfect little, which has proven to be more difficult than initially suspected.

And then, there's Zaz. A highly respected, twenty-seven year old business man who has gathered fame in acting, and later in taking over his booking firm and becoming one of the biggest names in the movie industry. He's also a classified little.

However, the world knows him as Colton Zalamarez, the respectable 6"2 dom. 

This is why it is completely ridiculous for Lydia to fall for him.

Or so she thinks.

And when he happens to hire Lydia to arrange a tour of his business establishments..

Well, let's just say that things don't really turn out the way either of them expected it to.

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luna17 luna17 May 09, 2017
He is just too freaking adorable, love him already❤❤❤❤
The_kidSam The_kidSam May 30, 2017
Even tho i know she might mean pee, i still laughed cause if my dirty mind
CynthiaBurgos4 CynthiaBurgos4 Sep 05, 2017
I wish I didn't have any hair at all... except the hair that's on my head and my eyebrows. Lol
unobtrusivelydying unobtrusivelydying Oct 06, 2017
Loving the story so far, definitely different to a lot of age play story’s
LetMeRemainHidden LetMeRemainHidden Apr 25, 2017
I love how you made the entire community so diverse and gave the littles, doms, vanillas, subs etc. legot jobs and real lives. It's fascinating and refreshing to see that it is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by even top CEOS and totally not damaging in any way. ♡ keep it up.
AnonymousityIsMe AnonymousityIsMe Jul 14, 2017
Ha! Man! And I'm Selena Gomez! Suck a toe, maybe it will make you realize a few things.