Revenge || Garmau FF

Revenge || Garmau FF

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Taehyung By SuperStar869 Updated Sep 29

--Aphmau Aubly--
• 17 years old
• Long black hair, copper eyes, tan skin
• Cuts, Two faced, Different
Aphmau is girl who struggles with all the obstacles that cross her life. She's scared of life.

--Garroth Ro'Meave--
• 18 years old
• Golden blonde locks, crystal eyes, pale skin
• Model, Adventurous, Perfect
Garroth is a guy with a life full of perfect things. He's scared of life.

Revenge is all she seeks for. The anger of always being the outcast slowly boiling inside if her. The player trying to pick up new girls wants this girl. He wants her to be his. She wants revenge and he wants her. They're opposites. One is brunette the other is blonde, brown eyes, blue eyes. Somehow they're alike.

"Revenge is best served cold"

"Mmm classic Aphmau I see"

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Maddiew2005 Maddiew2005 Aug 12
Cause baby now we got bad blood you know we used to be mad love
Lol, for people who read lemons and smuts, the last sentence makes me giggle. Thoughts
Aubly? That's the most unique last name I've seen someone come up with for Aphamau XD I've seen lorde, Irene, and a bunch more 😂
MY ONE AM mind has officially kicked in, cause as soon as I read thisI pictured Katelyn going "I can show you the woooooorlds"
Anyone watch Roman Atwood Vlogs? Cuz Lucinda ATWOOD. Roman's last name is Atwood. Idk I just wanted to say that...