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Creepypasta lemons

Creepypasta lemons

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Le. Grumpy. Yuri. Plisetsky. By grumpyyuri Updated Jul 17, 2016

Just a bunch of lemons. YUMMM 
I will be taking requests on these. if you have one just let me know! will do any pairings. X reader, yaoi, yuri, or just like pretty much anything if you let me know what you like lol just speak up. i love creepypasta so even if you say a character i do not know im willing to do the reasearch for the writing lol ANyways hope you all enjoy!
Warnings: this ish is lemony goodness as in sexual content, don't like don't read
more warnings will be given  each chapter depending on contents of writing 0w0

MikathePsycoNeko MikathePsycoNeko 2 days ago
Mika turns into a wolfcat creature and let out a deep growl. " Leave him alone or you die!"
MikathePsycoNeko MikathePsycoNeko 2 days ago
i have done this with a metal chair before except i missed the kid.
MCRlover121 MCRlover121 Jan 11
*brings 90 trillion gallons of holy water* @willowmusic34 
                              Is this enough holy water, if not I can get more
*eyes turn green and being held back by younger sis* luna let go
                              Luna:no darkness
I agree that if some one killed in front of me and it was for love it would be so happy but we know that ain't gonna to happen
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Nov 19, 2016
Oh my god, STORY TIME! So when I was in primary, If I ever got upset in class, I had, or should I say 'HAVE' these anger issues and whenever I got mad or upset, I would pick up my desk or my chairs and just fling them around the room like crazy 😂😂