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Hi, I'm Jessica Smith and I am 15 years old. I just moved to LA, California from Australia. I don't have much friends but I have one, my best friend, Faith Little. She moved here with me because my sister didn't want to move here. She is my only friend but she has other friends. Because her friends don't like me, they've pulled her away from me and now I have no friends. 
Ever since I moved here, twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, bullied me with their friends Jake Paul, Alex Aiono and Nate Garner. I thought they would be nice people. They seem like nice people on YouTube and Vine. 

One day, something happens, something I can't describe. I become more powerful than ever, I keep people safe, but sometimes I'm the one who causes trouble. 
I end up falling in love with someone who hurt me. But I can't love them because they will get hurt. 

Everyone I know might get hurt, so I have to try. I have to try and PROTECT.

A/N: Just imagine Teen Wolf werewolves and The Vampire Diaries vampires when you read this story. 

P.S. I haven't written a book (fanfic) in a while so I hope you like it.

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lmfaobitchhh lmfaobitchhh Aug 16, 2017
This reminds me of teen wolf lol just call me and I'll be there 😂😂
Dolanstitties Dolanstitties Oct 28, 2017
Ahh Meredick Dickleson long time haven't heard of dis bitch. Ttried to keep it that way
AmberMorgan282 AmberMorgan282 Dec 29, 2017
I get the feeling Nash is a vampire is somethen🤷🏼🤷🏼
StarWarsFrappe StarWarsFrappe Aug 30, 2017
Take your cheesy flirting back to cafeteria and go top some shitty pizza with it. I don't need it
puckerupboo puckerupboo Oct 24, 2017
If my mom can find my tiny pair of earrings I lost in my room how she not see him?        no shade
marymagradze marymagradze Dec 17, 2017
woah merebitch dickelson long time no see I tried to keep it that way but nope satan won