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Tea With Sincere

Tea With Sincere

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. By Sincerity_ Updated Feb 15

My personal life; Rants; and ETC.

JazzyThePoetic JazzyThePoetic Jun 23, 2016
I use them all the time, when I'm on my monthly I can't go without it.
BeautyPick101 BeautyPick101 Jun 30, 2016
The side effects are reasons why I won't get on birth control
Im_Skywalkin Im_Skywalkin Jun 10, 2016
Oh lord I panicked when you said something about having a lump! But thanks for the tips boo
JazzyThePoetic JazzyThePoetic Jun 23, 2016
I found one in my breast yesterday I was scared asf I started doing research
haitiangyaldem haitiangyaldem Jun 27, 2016
I used to have one but I didn't have much cramps back then... now that my cycle has changed up and the cramps are terrible it's nowhere to be found 🙄
SymGotty SymGotty Jun 10, 2016
Me all the time, I always find lumps and then they tell me its nothing