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Ciel X Reader: Smile that forgotten smile

Ciel X Reader: Smile that forgotten smile

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Deanna By deannaisagiraffe Updated Nov 20, 2016

This CielXReader:Smile that forgotten smile gets you more interacted with the story instead of some made up character its you! When Earl Ciel Phantomhive chooses you to become a new maid at his mannor your thrilled and Ciel soon develops a soft spot for you, but soon things go down hill once Ciel finds out who you really are he wants nothing to do with you.  Surely you meet again but can Ciel give up everything to be with you?

TheCoolColleen TheCoolColleen Feb 24, 2016
Usually when I'm at school I'm always the last girl people pick in their teams :(
Bear_Queen_333 Bear_Queen_333 Aug 09, 2016
Ciel is my husband,Sebastian is my father,mey~Rin my homie,Finny my nigga,Baldroy my buddy!😂
reckless_and_wild reckless_and_wild Jul 25, 2016
                              SEBASTIAN IS MY FATHER
                              FINNY IS BFF
                              BALDROY IS MY BODYGUARD
                              MEY-RIN IS THAT CLUMSY FRIEND EVERY ONE HAS
xMusicz xMusicz Dec 27, 2016
You got it all wrong. When I get scared I look like I'm having a seizure
ciels_darling ciels_darling Jan 22, 2016
Your jumping from third person to second person pick one , stories great tho
nekuswaifu nekuswaifu Jan 21, 2016
                              *DTK bursts in* DID SOMEONE SAY 8
                              Me: *glomps Kid* Yes child I did *^* now love me