Living Is Harder || Lams || A Hamilton Fanfiction || NEARLY NON-EXISTENT UPDATES

Living Is Harder || Lams || A Hamilton Fanfiction || NEARLY NON-EXISTENT UPDATES

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Sophia/Sam By LoveMusicFandoms Updated Dec 22, 2017

"Alexander would not let John be treated like he once was."

Lots of lams, references, feels, and cinnamon-rol-mess.


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luvSquirrelclaw luvSquirrelclaw Jun 15, 2017
At the start, I was like aww Peggy's so caring and nice! But when she said that..... I'm dying XD
Savagebugaboo Savagebugaboo Jun 05, 2017
I can imagine John glaring at Peggy and (like the little turtle he is) and slowing sinking into his blankets while hissing
wellgoshdiddly wellgoshdiddly Jul 17, 2017
Wsit but didn't it say that his oldest sister was 10 a couple chapters back
Arwen_Summer Arwen_Summer Jun 20, 2017
*sees 'Washingdad'* that reminds me of earlier today when I couldn't recall George's last name and called him "George Washingmachine" to my mum and sister, that will never be forgotten
SunnyStrikerz SunnyStrikerz Aug 13, 2017
That's because you need the fangirls to get in the story to help you guys
maxxisgay maxxisgay Apr 15, 2017
*pushes the gay towards john* here. it's your gay. embrace it. it just wants some love. *pushes the gay a bit more * embrace.