Black ( On Break )

Black ( On Break )

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"Look Lilo!  " 

I hold my face and try not to let the tears fall down my cheek. I look at the two men who have forever changed my life. .  

" Snap the fuck out of it! " His hands grip my shoulders and I nod. " For you.. For our kids. We are doing this!  " He kisses my forehead and Sung-jea kisses my cheek. 

" This is our fault... and if we die from it... so be it." 

" But you hold our future.  Please. .. just go. We will be together again if it's meant to to be! " 

" You can't postpone what is destined to happen.  " 

I feel hands drag me back out of the building.  I t was a set up and they walked into it knowing damn well what it was.
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bffl29834 bffl29834 Oct 24, 2016
😭😭😭I'm still sad that I didn't get to see suicide squad
Scorpinonymous Scorpinonymous Oct 04, 2016
The average South Korean dick size is 10 cm (3 in) yeah.
antikyungsoo antikyungsoo Oct 25, 2016
see look that's why ya bum asś sitting here without a girl with ya little shrimp baby dick fûck outta my face
Nah fam I'm fine chillin at home watching the walking dead thank you very much
bffl29834 bffl29834 Oct 24, 2016
My stomach just growled, my hungry ass ಠ_ಠ 
                              But zayummm 👀 
                              He's still gonna get this glock🔫🔫🔫 if he keeps acting up