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Sex love and  blood 
" Fucking American... " 

I rub my backside and look up at the brick wall that had just knocked me of my feet. He was looking down at me hnds placed on the floor on either side of my face. 

His face and neck adorn with tattoos. Jesus he was hot. He froze before getting off of me. All around us our things were scattered. He hurriedl got up and cleaned up our things as i stood 

" Watch where you're going next time bitch. " it was under his breath but I heard it.

"Excuse me? !" I couldn't believe such a rich school had such a fucking ass hole. " Who are you calling bitch? " All of the other Asian kids turned towards us. Probably could only understand the curse words. 

" You honey. "

Sug-jae wants Lilo. 
But Lilo doesn't want Sung-jea. 
So he takes her forcefully in every way possible.  

He is torn between being the stone cold man he was taught to be and the loving family man he wants to be.

bffl29834 bffl29834 Oct 24
😭😭😭I'm still sad that I didn't get to see suicide squad
The average South Korean dick size is 10 cm (3 in) yeah.
see look that's why ya bum asś sitting here without a girl with ya little shrimp baby dick fûck outta my face
bffl29834 bffl29834 Oct 24
My stomach just growled, my hungry ass ಠ_ಠ 
                              But zayummm 👀 
                              He's still gonna get this glock🔫🔫🔫 if he keeps acting up