Everybody's Game: The Witches Edition

Everybody's Game: The Witches Edition

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XxStainedKISSxX By XxStainedKISSxX Updated Apr 25, 2012

____Sorry, I really suck at summaries but here it is!____

This story focuses in the witches game. Mainly everyone participates if they want to, but there is a catch. They need a human partner. They can fight their own kind or others. They gain more experience to be ready to battle their 'queen' or 'king'. 

Evelyn is a witch, who has been participating this game for ages, but she could never defeat the witch queen because people interfere. She doesn't know why, but whenever she was to defeat her, something happens. Usually the others shouldn't interfere but they do, maybe too much. The kings and queens of other kinds try and stop her. Every time. Finally, she is fed up with it. All she wants is to finally win, for once. 

But is seems it isn't that easy. Her partner for this game, could be a hindrance or a stepping stone, either way she can't help but be attracted to him. Will she finally get want she wants? Why does she even want it? You just have to read and see.

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moonpiedye moonpiedye Jan 13, 2012
shooooooooooootttttttttt!!!! yow what's next.....it's cool....love how you did to it...i wanna know what's next please update soon cuz.....bilisan2x xD hahahahahaha....