The Journey(Odell Beckham)

The Journey(Odell Beckham)

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The Journey|Trailer + Sneak peek|

I laid behind a large garbage attempting to ignore all of the sounds everyone around me created. My stomach continuously roaring indicating that it needed to be fed but unfortunately I can't afford food.

Today was no different than any other day, I was struggling to live. I'm poor and I can't blame anyone for anything that is happening to me. My family abandoned me when I was just a child, leaving me to fend for myself at a very young age, I wish I didn't live this way, I pray everyday that a miracle would come my way but it seems as if one won't, 

I stood up, holding onto my growling stomach. God I'm so hungry I thought as I began to stroll the streets that were filled with busy patrons, it was very dark out so I doubt anyone noticed my dirty clothes.

I attempted to find food but as usual I failed, I made my way back to the garbage can being sure to lay down and curl into a ball, the weather was changing, soon it was going to be freezing cold and ...

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luvy1tonji luvy1tonji May 26
It's one thing to say that to somebody who was like in their 30s maybe but how can a 17 y.o do anything to end up there a 17 y.o should still be living with her parents
MamiiMaui MamiiMaui May 27
Y'all know this book and this not how Eli Would actually respond
Not to make a joke of this.....
                              But this is how i think when i am broke or hungry and don't have food at home
dreadhead09 dreadhead09 Jan 20
Just like god gave it to you he can take it back never think that you are better then someone else because u have more
brelovebreezy brelovebreezy Oct 31, 2016
Boy if u don't gone somewhere people don't choose to be homeless, majority of homeless people are veterans who can't afford proper health care for mental illnesses that were brought about from the service 😒
narlyk narlyk Aug 06, 2016
Check it out, its lit 😍✨😽. But ill read it later, i'm talking on the phone for a lil while 🤕